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Frequently Asked Questions

How is the credit rating of countries, companies, and organizations or the risk of securities determined?

Rating-index.com has developed several mathematical methods that reliably determine the most current credit rating of counties, companies, and organizations as well as the risk of different securities based on investor behavior. Due to our unique, standard method that is applied to each value, no elements of personal evaluation or subjective bias are included in this determination. The table shows the classification of credit rating.

How are the credit rating codes determined?

The procedures for determining the credit rating are based on the observed returns from issued securities. The rate of return shows the expected yield to capital market participants who are willing to take the risk of investment. In this way, investors evaluate the future prospects and credit rating of countries and companies. The credit rating codes determined and assigned by rating-index.com reflect the rating valuations made by capital markets on a daily basis.

Detailed description of the credit rating methodology.

How are the credit rating codes composed?

The credit rating codes and consequently the risk statements will be represented in a combination of letters and figures. The rating definition begins with «AAA 99» as the bettest possible rating and is opened to the lower end. Each rating class from «AAA» to «D» is devided into one hundred steps by figures. For ratings below the rating class «D» figures with the negative sign are used. The table shows the classification of credit rating.

What is expressed by the risk index (Ri-Index, abbr.: Ri-x)?

The calculated value for each "Ri-x" indicates how high the actual risk of investing in a particular security is. The higher the "Ri-x," the greater the risk and the associated opportunities underlying the respective security.

Why is the measurement of investor reactions particularly suitable for indicating current risks?

Expectations of future performance are traded on stock exchanges. Investors react immediately on the stock market in response to any and all accessible information regarding changes in prices. The extent of the change in price and the reaction of market participants is determined by the relevance of the information reported. Measuring the extent and intensity of these numerous changes leads to an objective and accurate basis upon which to establish both plausible and current risk assessments to the highest degree possible.

Why are accurate risk assessments and their ongoing development important for an investor?

In order to make appropriate investment decisions, it is important to be informed about the risk profile of an investment not just at the time of a purchase decision but rather throughout the entire period of investment. The risk profile of an investment or portfolio may change continuously. rating-index.com informs investors about current risk profiles and provides them with support for their own portfolios via the monitoring-assistant.

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Excerpt Ri-x securities

DWS VERM.BIL.FO.DE000847652410,67307-14
XETRA GoldDE000A0S9GB011,47407-14
iShares DAXDE000593393112,62007-14
Brent OilDE000A0KRKM571,38207-14

Rating of countries: current maps

credit rating world an regions map

Daily change: climbing countries

1MongoleiCCC 22232016-07-13
2Sri LankaB 50132016-07-13
3El SalvadorCCC 53132016-07-13
4SüdafrikaBBB 70132016-07-13
5VenezuelaD -298122016-07-13
6PakistanB 57122016-07-13
7IrakCCC 75112016-07-13
8Dominikanische RepublikB 36112016-07-13
9NigeriaCC 8692016-07-13
10Costa RicaBB 4682016-07-13

Daily change: loosing countries

1BolivienBBB 77102016-07-13
2SchwedenAAA 5112016-07-13
3BarbadosD -27612016-07-13
4PortugalCC 5912016-07-13
5NeuseelandAAA 812016-07-13
6NorwegenAAA 6002016-07-13
7FrankreichAAA 302016-07-13
8DänemarkAAA 7202016-07-13
9Großbritannien und NordiAAA 3602016-07-13
10SüdkoreaAA 8002016-07-13

Daily change: climbing comapnies

1Réseau Ferré de FranceA 8115507-13
2WPP Finance S.A.A 633907-13
3AlcoaB 411907-13
4Thurgauer KantonalbankA 571107-13
5Dow ChemicalBBB 551107-13
6RWEBBB 861007-13
7Banco do BrasilBB 5907-13
8Prudential PLCAA 54907-13
9UniCredit BankBB 32907-13
10Macquarie BankB 78807-13

Daily change: loosing companies

1Bristol-MyersAA 21807-13
2Landesbank Hessen-ThuerinBBB 72307-13
3Deutsche Bank AGBB 50207-13
4Australia and New ZealandA 63207-13
5Hamburger SparkasseBB 84107-13
6Macy's Inc.BB 13107-13
7Landesbank Baden-WürttemBBB 80107-13
8DNB BankBBB 59107-13
9Federal National MortgageAA 47107-13
10UBSBBB 56107-13