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Offer your readers the benefit of current credit rating, use the credit rating and risk information that is updated daily as way to spark an interest for articles, or base your upcoming articles on current and historical data.

Data Services

In order to meet the diverse needs of publishers and editors, we offer different formats for our data.

Data reports
To make information easily accessible, we offer two distinct, daily newsletters published in pdf format from which you can extract relevant information.

ContentReport IReport II
 ValuesChanges daysValuesChanges days
  1730365 1730365
Countriesalle *1okokokokalle *1okokokok
CompaniesTop 10okokokokalle *1okokokok
Risk value (Ri-x) 
DecreaseTop 25 ok okTop 25okokokok
IncreaseTop 25 ok okTop 25okokokok
Rubrics *2Top 25okokokokTop 25okokokok
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*1 All values detemermined by us
*2 The safest german stocks (DAX, TECDAX, MDAX, SDAX), the riskiest german stocks (DAX, TECDAX, MDAX, SDAX), the safest stocks, the riskiest stocks, the safest funds (ETF, ETC, ETFX, ETR), the riskiest funds (ETF, ETC, ETFX, ETR), the safest funds (active managed), the riskiest funds (active managed) and resources, of all values determined by us.

Data Formats for Processing
We provide current and historical data in csv format so that you can generate your own customized charts, import data into spreadsheets or other editing software as well as prepare and process data in other formats.

Data and Maps

In addition to total daily lists provided in CSV format, research assistance is at your disposal. Select particular data sets or periods of time that you want to use. The data is then exported as values into usable tables in pdf and csv formats as well as in our standard chart formats. For the graphical representation of the credit rating of countries selected, you can also use our map generator. Generate rating or comparison maps in different formats from our archives.

Individual Data

If the above solutions do not meet your needs, we can customize the preparation of data to fit your demands (pdf, csv, xml formats) (pdf, csv, xml).

Complete, Up-to-Date Pages for your Website

If you want to keep your costs as low as possible, we can create web pages for your website with ready access to our data in your own layout and according to your own ideas.


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Excerpt Ri-x securities

DWS VERM.BIL.FO.DE000847652410,67307-14
XETRA GoldDE000A0S9GB011,47407-14
iShares DAXDE000593393112,62007-14
Brent OilDE000A0KRKM571,38207-14

Rating of countries: current maps

credit rating world an regions map

Daily change: climbing countries

1MongoleiCCC 22232016-07-13
2Sri LankaB 50132016-07-13
3El SalvadorCCC 53132016-07-13
4SüdafrikaBBB 70132016-07-13
5VenezuelaD -298122016-07-13
6PakistanB 57122016-07-13
7IrakCCC 75112016-07-13
8Dominikanische RepublikB 36112016-07-13
9NigeriaCC 8692016-07-13
10Costa RicaBB 4682016-07-13

Daily change: loosing countries

1BolivienBBB 77102016-07-13
2SchwedenAAA 5112016-07-13
3BarbadosD -27612016-07-13
4PortugalCC 5912016-07-13
5NeuseelandAAA 812016-07-13
6NorwegenAAA 6002016-07-13
7FrankreichAAA 302016-07-13
8DänemarkAAA 7202016-07-13
9Großbritannien und NordiAAA 3602016-07-13
10SüdkoreaAA 8002016-07-13

Daily change: climbing comapnies

1Réseau Ferré de FranceA 8115507-13
2WPP Finance S.A.A 633907-13
3AlcoaB 411907-13
4Thurgauer KantonalbankA 571107-13
5Dow ChemicalBBB 551107-13
6RWEBBB 861007-13
7Banco do BrasilBB 5907-13
8Prudential PLCAA 54907-13
9UniCredit BankBB 32907-13
10Macquarie BankB 78807-13

Daily change: loosing companies

1Bristol-MyersAA 21807-13
2Landesbank Hessen-ThuerinBBB 72307-13
3Deutsche Bank AGBB 50207-13
4Australia and New ZealandA 63207-13
5Hamburger SparkasseBB 84107-13
6Macy's Inc.BB 13107-13
7Landesbank Baden-WürttemBBB 80107-13
8DNB BankBBB 59107-13
9Federal National MortgageAA 47107-13
10UBSBBB 56107-13